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Denver Copyright Attorney

As a capable Denver copyright lawyer firm that works on behalf of you and your business requirements, Larsen Law™ can assist you with any copyright needs you may have. Whether you need to file an application to register your copyright, protect your copyright from infringement or license another party to use your copyrighted work, our Denver copyright attorneys work diligently to ensure your intellectual works are protected and properly registered.

Whether you have logos, written materials, a website or other intangible property that needs to be copyrighted, we are ready to assist you in protecting your valuable property, works, and ideas. An experienced Denver copyright attorney understands that a copyright actually exists when the content/art/software/website or any tangible expression of ideas is created, however, having your copyright registered protects you in case of infringement. Today, the internet has created a virtual world filled with properties and works such as software coding, e-books, websites, articles and other things that often should be copyrighted in order to prevent infringement or unauthorized use by others. Our Denver copyright lawyers understand all of the laws regarding copyrighting; we help businesses with those “little things” they don’t often have the time to take care of, or don’t really understand thoroughly. Copyrighting is one of those areas that are a bit vague or unclear to many business owners, and there are many misconceptions on the subject.

What will a Denver copyright lawyer do for your business? It’s important that you realize a copyright lawyer has a special mind, and can make sense of laws that have to do with things that aren’t really concrete such as intangible property. There are so many misconceptions about these laws, and it takes someone with intense knowledge of these laws to handle these important aspects of your business.

denver business attorney susan larsenAt Larsen Law™, our Denver copyright attorneys are capable and dedicated to making the sometimes mundane or complex areas of your business easier. We are ready to assist you in registering your copyright, drafting a cease-and-desist letter if you suspect infringement, and even pursuing legal action when necessary. We invite you to contact us today for all of your copyrighting needs.