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Healthcare Attorney

Larsen Law Offices, LLC has healthcare law experience and can assist with all your healthcare law needs, including contract drafting and negotiation, amendments/alterations to existing agreements, contract terminations, tax exemptions, and other services.


healthcare attorney contract

Healthcare is the one of the most regulated sectors of the American economy.  It is important to have a professional healthcare attorney to assist with the multiple contract and compliance issues and ensure proper agreements.

When you need a healthcare attorney, Larsen Law Offices can assist with your needs, including contract drafting and negotiation, amendments or alterations to existing agreements, review of your healthcare system and network software agreements, and other services.

Healthcare Contract Drafting and Negotiation:

  • Software Licensing, SaaS, System Agreements
  • Pharmacy/Prescription Agreements
  • Physician Speaking Engagements
  • Professional Licensure Verification Agreements
  • Schools/Intern Agreements
  • Insurance Company Agreements
  • National Research Agreements
  • Banking/Financing Agreements
  • Standardized Agreements

Service Agreements

  • Reporting Services
  • Adjunct Care Medical Service Agreements
  • Consulting Services
  • Exchange of Services Agreements
  • Marketing/Creative Services Agreements

Amendments/Alterations to existing agreements:

  • Increase/Decrease/Adjust Existing Terms

Contract Terminations

  • Mutually beneficial terminations
  • Vendor Compliance Letters
  • Demand Letters
  • Cease and Desist Letters