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Business Attorney Susan J. Larsen

Susan Larsen Education

  • University of denver, College of Law, J.D., law
  • University of Denver, M.A.S., Technology management
  • University of Denver, M.P.S., Applied Communication
  • University of Denver, B.S., Accounting

Larsen Law Offices, LLC assists both companies and individuals in reaching their business goals. Whether your concern is a one-time occurrence, or an on-going matter, an experienced attorney from Larsen Law can assist you with your legal needs.

Transaction Attorney

An experienced Transactional Attorney plays a critical role in virtually all business transactions as they are experienced in not only the law, but also the economics of business, and they add value to every transaction by maximizing the client’s gains from the transaction.  Transactional Attorneys must understand the business, financial, and employee aspect of every transaction to be able to draft workable contracts, conduct due diligence, or counsel clients on issues that require business savvy, in addition to knowing the law.  Transactional Attorneys typically give ongoing business advice to assist clients in avoiding problem areas or potential pitfalls, as items arise in the future.

An experienced Transactional Attorney from Larsen Law Offices, LLC can assist your business with drafting, execution, and administration of such important business documents as employment contracts, and the transfer of intellectual property and trademarks from one entity to another, leases, written policies and procedures, the negotiation of negotiate business deals on your behalf, and any type of transaction or series of transactions that impact the ability of the entity to function properly are well understood by a transaction attorney.

As a business Transactional Attorney, I can assist you with all your business contracts, from negotiation to drafting the agreement, leasing contracts, selling goods or services, borrowing, promissory notes, and security agreements.

denver business attorney susan larsenFor those who want to buy a business or sell a business, I can assist you with all phases of the transaction from conception through documentation.  As an experienced Transactional Attorney, I can help you negotiate the transaction, perform due diligence, assist you with obtaining information you need to be able to make an intelligent, informed business decision as to whether to buy or sell a business.  Adding correct, verifiable information to the decision making process, adding representations and warranties to both past and future aspects of the transaction, and possibly non-compete agreements, are additional ways an experienced Transaction Attorney can add value to your business deals.

Larsen Law Offices, LLC™ offers Transaction Attorney services that can assist your company with these transactions from conception through documentation.